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Our Mission: To find, unique spaces to turn into venues that will create new entertainment, employment, success, and added value to Coppa Nero, The region and it's citizens.

Entertainment Venues

We seek out unique venues and Non-venues for conversion; in both small towns in need or large city as an alternative. Our main goal id to provide event venues where they are not only needed, but for those who may otherwise not be in a position to rent a larger or "traditional" venue more


Our mission is to aquire hotels and motels and vaction properties that are struggling, have failed, or are mis-managed, typically in municipalities that are the like and developing a comprehensive plan to not only revitalize the property but the surrounding community as well more

Rentals and Leasing

The rental and leasing division of Coppa Nero is really a 2 part business. The first is a simple, proven, and effective strategy: If it's a good opportunity buy it.

The second part is the acquisition of commercial properties for retail, light manufacturing, or services. We pair this with general business consulting focused specifically on small startup businesses with special rental and leasing terms and long term planning to ensure your success and ours.