Entertainment Venues

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Types of Venues

Everything from a corner coffee shop with room for a solo guitarist to 3000 person capacity nightclub Coppa Nero seeks out unique venues and a typical structures to house the venues in.
Re-purposing old warehouses, theatres, train stations, Yachts, old freighters oand even barges and shipping containers. Our creative staff of scouts and designers seek out these non traditional spaces that in many cases sit for years and even decades, pool together a visionary think tank and create a new masterpiece of multipurpose usable space.

Creative Vision and A typical Venue space

Where most people see an average cargo ship we see 200x50 ft of dance floor and a tower dj booth. The creative vision of our team can imagine uses that you may never have dreamt.
The uses of a facility whether stationary or mobile are nearly endless. If you know of a vacant building, historic area or large vessel or vehicle (trains included) we can purchase, renovate, manage, lease or all of the above.
Our typical process is scouting via web, personal experience, or word of mouth/referral. The next stage consists of area research, needs, demographics, interpersonal study and the purchase. after purchase, if necessary renovation. Once the venue is prepared we may sell, lease or open for business and hire a competent manager to run it if it was their own.